Open Device Lab in a case.

A compact test-suite that comes to you.

Low cost.

Organising a team trip to a Lab takes time and money. Have a Labcase delivered to your workplace.

More time.

Instead of one day at a Lab, you can keep the Labcase for a week or two, giving you more time to test.

More productive.

You can find bugs and fix them more quickly whilst sat at your own desk.

Introducing Labcase.

Everything you need to setup a temporary Device Lab — delivered to you in case.

What’s inside?

10 devices, ready for testing. Supplied with USB hub and cables for charging. Packed-up safely inside a flightcase.


Model OS Resolution ppi
iPod touch iOS 5 320 x 480 163
iPhone 4 iOS 6 320 x 480 326
HTC Desire Android 2.3 240 x 320 143
HTC Desirec Android 2.3 320 x 480 165
Samsung Nexus Android 2.3 400 x 800 233
Samsung Galaxy Note Android 3 1200 x 800 165
HTC Ones Android 4 540 x 960 256
Nokia Lumia 620 Window Phone 7 480 x 800 245
ZTE Open Firefox OS 320 x 480 165
Kindle Fire Fire OS 1024 x 600 160

Easy to setup.

Comes with instructions to help get you up and running. It should be as easy as connecting each phone to your WiFi then booting up your testing software.

Pick your own software.

There are lots of ways get the devices to sync. Some of the ones we've used are Ghostlab, BrowSync, Remote Preview, Browser sync. but we'll let you choose.

Delivered & Collected.

Depending on when and how long you need to hire a Labcase for, the service will work something like this:

  1. We send out the Labcase on Monday.
  2. It arrives at your workplace on Tuesday.
  3. We arrange collection for Friday.

Non-profit service.

Labcase is a new initiative, started by Etch, to help Device Testing become a standard part of everyone's design & development process.

We're starting off with a couple of Labcases and at first they'll only be available for hire in the UK.

Help the cause.

ODLs are awesome! In a perfect world, we'd all have one on our doorstep. Until that day arrives, a Labcase is the next best thing.

Donate a Device.

We're always looking to grow our collection of Devices, so if you have an old Smartphone or Tablet that you don't need, we can give it a new purpose.

Make a Labcase.

If you've been inspired to setup your own Labcase, let us know and we can list it here, for hire.

How we made the first Labcase.

“ODLs establish shared community pools of internet connected devices for testing purposes of web and app developers. In result, ODLs lead to an ultimate improvement of the web & app experience both for developers and for consumers.”

- Andre Jay Meissner @klick_ass

Keep in touch...

@etch @labcase

Hire a Labcase for your next project.

from just £50 per week

£50 covers the cost of Delivery & Collection (UK only) and postal insurance to cover loss or damage upto £1000.

Labcase will be ready soon.